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Valentine’s Day Bucket List for the Single Soul

Single’s Awareness Day doesn’t have to include sulking in your room. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Bucket List for the Single Soul”


Singles Week: 13 Songs to Dance To when You’re Single


It’s time to celebrate being single!! Continue reading “Singles Week: 13 Songs to Dance To when You’re Single”

Thoughts From An Emotional Third Wheeler


I don’t really have any problems being single. I mean, to be honest, I quite enjoy it. I’m able to hang out with anyone I want without somebody else telling me no, I can be absolutely disgusting without anybody judging me for it (you know you are, too), I don’t have to share my food or bed, and I get to look at cute boys whenever I want really… and I look at cute boys quite often. But if there’s one thing that I hate about being single, it’s being the third wheel. Continue reading “Thoughts From An Emotional Third Wheeler”

An Open Letter to The Girl Who Loves Him Next

To the Girl that Loves Him Next

Dear Girl-Who-Stole-His-Heart,

I love him, okay? No, we aren’t dating (duh!), but he is one of my best friends; a brother, really. Therefore, I’m going to look out for him. I also know quite a bit about him, so pay attention to what I have to say. Continue reading “An Open Letter to The Girl Who Loves Him Next”

It’s Okay to Hate Being Single

I’ve been single for my entire 20 years of life. I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never been kissed, hell.. the highlight of my love life is the one time I got told I had nice hands to hold while two of my friends and I were guiding each other through the dark. Nothing says “romantic” quite like freaking out because you’re a little bit scared of the dark.

And do you know what? I hate being single! Continue reading “It’s Okay to Hate Being Single”

Why You Should Date Yourself

Relationships are a beautiful thing. Having someone there for you when you need it most, someone to love and love you back, and someone to cuddle with all sound incredible. Even watching your friends in relationships is beautiful sometimes. However, sometimes it’s nice to date yourself. Continue reading “Why You Should Date Yourself”

15 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing


Being single in a world full of relationships is hard! And sometimes you just get tired of hearing your friends, family, and relative nag you about being single. So… take note!! These are things we’re a bit tired of hearing. Continue reading “15 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing”

10 Perks to Being Single

perks of being single

Being single doesn’t always have to suck. In fact, I can think of many great reasons to be single! Continue reading “10 Perks to Being Single”

What it Feels Like to be Heartbroken, but Never in Love

Girl Sitting 1

Seeing your name pop up everywhere I look is definitely not helping me from moving on from you. You being one of my best friends isn’t helping much either. You truly were an accidental crush and the rejection hurts (even if it wasn’t straight up rejection.) And no matter how much I want to keep being friends with you, and no matter how much I care about you, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still a tiny bit hurt. Continue reading “What it Feels Like to be Heartbroken, but Never in Love”

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