Millennial (noun): The generation born between the years 1982 and sometime in the 2000s.

I’m a millennial. But that’s not all I am. I may fit under some of the stereotypes that millennials get, but I am so much more than someone who was born in 1995.

  1. We don’t expect the world to be handed to us.
    Don’t get me wrong… there are people out there like that, and many of us, myself included, are dreamers. But many of us are also more realistic than we get credit for. Sure, it would be incredible to be able to travel the world for free, but we don’t expect that happen (no matter how much of a dream that is.) Many of us do know how to work hard to get to where we want to be.
  2. We don’t always “throw tantrums” when things don’t go our way.
    There are some things in the world that we simply cannot change and most of us can accept that. Whether you see that or not, it’s true. It may take time, but we’ll get there.
  3. We’re educated.
    We’re smart. No, we didn’t invent the lightbulb, but we are FULL of ideas that are possible to make into a reality. Who knows.. these could be things that you’ll just use later on in life.
  4. We’re not heartless.
    That’s not to say that you are, but we hold so much more love for others than we get credit for. The gaps that we’ve been trying to make close in society and the bridges that we are trying to build between communities are improving, even if it doesn’t get on the news as much as other things.
  5. We’re not all that different from you.
    We’re young and we make mistakes, just as you did when you were younger. The world is changing and with that comes challenges that you may or may not have had to face. But we will continue to learn and grow from that and from you.
  6. We don’t understand ourselves.
    We are constantly questioning our generation. Trust us, most of us don’t get us either.
  7. We don’t want to “just settle.”
    We want the best for ourselves and we want to continue to grow. We don’t want to settle for mediocre because we know we can offer much more than that.
  8. Our music doesn’t suck.
    My dad tends to comment on my taste in music more than anyone else I know. I like all kinds of music; from Frank Sinatra and The Beatles to Bon Iver and Ed Sheehan and everything in-between, music is constantly evolving and that’s what makes it so incredible! You don’t have to stick to just one genre.
  9. We’re confident…

  10. …but we’re also figuring out where we fit in the world.
    We’re transitioning from what’s considered old-fashioned into a world full of technology and issues that have become much acknowledged over the years. Bear with us while we try to figure out a balance between the two.