To the Girl that Loves Him Next

Dear Girl-Who-Stole-His-Heart,

I love him, okay? No, we aren’t dating (duh!), but he is one of my best friends; a brother, really. Therefore, I’m going to look out for him. I also know quite a bit about him, so pay attention to what I have to say.

First of all, if you stole his heart then you must be pretty special. He doesn’t just pick anybody and everybody to love, though everybody loves him. But to be the one that he decides to love with his entire heart is something special. He has the kindest heart I know. I’ve never been told by him that he doesn’t like somebody, he very rarely complains about anybody, and he loves all creatures. Trust me when I say that he will love you every bone, every cell, every ounce of his entire body and with as much passion as you could possibly imagine. To be loved by him is truly something special, so please don’t take that for granted.

He’s a softy. He’ll cry during certain movies, he loves cuddles, and physical touch is his Love Language. Be sure to give him extra big and extra tight hugs, have a “girls night” with him sometimes, and you can never go wrong with the gift of a nice homemade dinner and wine. Be sure to give him hugs when he’s least expecting it as well as lots and lots of forehead kisses (he’s mentioned once before that he likes those.) When he gets to know you well, he’ll know when something isn’t right. Don’t shove him away completely when he notices. I promise he wants to help fix it, whatever “it” is.

The last thing that I want to say is just to take care of  his heart. I know that he’s going to give it his all to take care of your’s and you’re so incredibly lucky to have him – to call him your’s. However, he gets heartbroken. When he does get heartbroken, I get heartbroken. I simply want the best for him and if he really loves you, then you must be the best. Take care of him even more than he will take care of you.