2015 was quite the year! I started it off by working a closing shift only to open the next day, I went to a Super Bowl party with a bunch of friends, I was able to rekindle some of my greatest friendship, I spent spring break traveling to see friends, I worked with some absolutely incredible people this summer, and I just recently finished my first semester back at college after a 3 semester long break and earned a 3.099 GPA.

2015 was a year of trial and error. It wasn’t always the easiest, but I managed to push through. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from 2015.

– Making friends in different countries/time zones is the greatest and worst blessing of all time. –
My international friends are simply the best. Some of my favorite friendships come from these people and I can’t imagine my life without these incredible people. However, along with different countries comes difference in time. I won’t lie.. sometimes it is VERY hard to set up a time to FaceTime or Skype, especially if you’re trying to attempt a group chat. But when it finally works out it is the greatest feeling in the entire world.

– You’re not always going to get along with people that you have before. –
People change. Throughout your life you are constantly changing and I believe that you will never be exactly who you were the day before. That’s the beauty of people, though. We learn to find ourselves. We learn to find what makes us happy, what we don’t like, and who we want to be as a person. And with these changes come the possibilities of disagreements and frustrations. You don’t have to like a person, but it would be swell if you still treated them nicely.

– Your friends will make new friends. –
Let me be the first to say that this is one of the hardest things that I have had to experience. However, I’ve learned quickly that just because your friends are making new friends, or even getting into a relationship, doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about you. If your friendship matters to them, they’ll make sure to set aside some time for the two of you. (Even if it is via technology.)

-Communication can be quite hard. –
One of my dearest friends is AWFUL at communication and he knows it. If you can relate to this, listen up…
HANG TIGHT!! I know it’s frustrating, I know it drives you mad and makes you upset. But they do appreciate you, even if they don’t make it known as much as you maybe want/need. Hang in there and don’t give up. You know your relationship with that person means a lot to you.

– When you set a goal and achieve it, nothing feels better. –
I went back to school this year after taking a three semester break. I made it my goal to come out with grades above a C. And I did! My lowest grade was a B-. This was the first semester in a LONG time that I’ve gotten above a 2.7-ish GPA. I have never felt so proud of myself! I’ve learned that making sure my goals are realistic is key to this. It’s an incredible feeling; you should try it.

– Writing is fun! –
2015 is the year that I rediscovered my love for writing! Whether it be writing an essay for class or writing a silly blog post, I do enjoy writing. It’s a really good way to destress.

– Music can be your best friend. –
When you feel lonely? MUSIC.
When you feel unloved? MUSIC.
When you hate the world and have no words? MUSIC.
It sounds ridiculous, but music has really gotten me through this year. Some days were tougher than others with battles in my head. Whether it be listening to one of my Spotify playlists or jamming out on my guitar when nobody was home, music never failed me.

– Third-wheeling isn’t as bad as it seems. –
If you love two people who happen to be a “thing,” you’ll realize that third-wheeling isn’t as horrible as it seems. Sure, there were moments of jealousy, but that’s when you take a step back and remember that things will happen when they do. Patience, young grasshopper.

– You won’t always be the most popular. And that’s okay. –
Remember when people told you that cliques don’t exist outside of high school? Yeah, that’s crap. They do. BUT you learn to handle them differently through time! I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. Don’t we all want to be popular at least once in our lives?! However, the friends that I do have I wouldn’t trade for the world. They trump all.

– Being in love with other peoples love is magical. –
I have friends that are dating and when you look at them, you can’t help but smile and feel so much joy in your heart. The way that they look at each other, the way that they talk like they’re just best friends, but especially the way that they make time for each other and everyone else is so beautiful. Their love is the kind that I want one day. I’m fully in love with their love for each other.

– Families aren’t perfect. –
I know everyone says that their families are dysfunctional, but I’ve realized this year just how dysfunctional mine truly is. Despite all of our flaws, all of our arguments, and the never-ending cycle of, “This person said this and now I’m mad,” I still love my family. We’re so perfectly imperfect that I learn from everybody every day and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

– Coconut oil makes a great hair mask! –
But actually, if you haven’t tried it then you’re missing out! I cannot tell you how incredible my hair feels after showering when I do an overnight hair mask.

– Treat yo’ self! –
THIS. I cannot express how important this is. It can be anything from an extra candy bar to that dress that you’ve been eyeballing in that store window for ages. Let’s be real, sometimes you deserve to splurge a bit on yourself. And you should never feel guilty.

– Wanderlust is a very real and serious thing. –
Remember when I said I have a bunch of friends in other counties? Well, it turns out that my mind and soul are dying to visit every single one of them. I have a very serious case of wanderlust (which is a strong desire to travel.) This had led to several late nights of looking at airline tickets and deciding when would be the best time to go see these friends.

– It’s okay to be single for a long while. –
Look, I’m going to be 21 in June and I have never been in a relationship. Sure, it sometimes sucks. A lot. Especially when you have all of these friends that are getting married. But enjoy being single! Enjoy soaking up all of your “me” time, because who knows when you’ll really have that once you enter a serious relationship?

I was able to bring in 2016 by swing dancing with some friends. And, to be completely honest.. I think this year might be pretty dang good! So here’s to 2016! Let all the crazy things you do be wonderful and go out and do good things. Happy New Years, kids!